Have you been too busy to listen?

– Written by Amber Novak, Craniosacral Therapist in Burlington, VT

Life is busy, right?
There is a long list of things that we have to do, we should do. And last but not least, what we want to do.

It’s a daily challenge to be bombarded with information about our habits and lifestyle. What we should do and must do to be healthy, creative, effective, successful, and happy. To have it all. In balance. With ease. Perfectly. It’s overwhelming.

And confusing. The studies and the science seem to change all the time. And the experts don’t agree about what the right thing to do is. Who can you trust?

You. The answer has always been you. You have the wisdom and the ability to know what is right for you. And you are the only one who truly does.

You are unique, complex, and ever-changing. There is no one “right” thing for you that works all of the time. You are dynamic and cycling and flowing. Plus, you are in the mix with tons of other people doing the same thing.

Culturally, we are trained to be busy and strive to achieve. We are so busy that we don’t (or feel like we can’t) stop to notice what our body is telling us. We are too busy to notice the subtle signals and even some of the not-so-subtle ones like getting sick or having chronic pain.

We don’t stop until we have a major signal, like the inability to get out of bed. What if you could hear the many signals you get before this breaking point? And what if you dared to listen and change course based on your inner wisdom?

It is important to take time to listen and hear yourself. This is a useful skill. The most important person to have successful communication with is yourself.

You are the most important person in your life. You deserve to hear the wisdom that you were born with. It’s there to guide you to your best health, happiest life, most energy, and clearest thoughts.

Sounds great, right? But the reality is it can be scary to hear what your wisdom has to say. Sometimes, you “know better” but you don’t want to “do the right thing”. What if your inner wisdom tells you things you don’t want to hear? What if you have to change your habits?

You might second-guess yourself. Or not trust what you hear. You might even think that you don’t have the ability to hear it or listen. You might think that you are not intuitive enough.

All of these questions and doubts are part of the process of learning. Everyone has them. It takes practice, like any other skill you have developed.

I have been there. I have wanted to look to others for answers, for someone to tell me what to do. I have really not wanted to hear the changes that I needed to make to get to my goals. The shifts in my thinking and behavior that needed to happen for my own sake. It’s uncomfortable!

I will help you to find that voice inside. The voice of your inner wisdom. The voice that is always there for you. Always willing to help. Always has the best intentions. Will never give up on you.

When we don’t slow down and listen, things start to stack up, like the blocks in the game Jenga. If we don’t take time to rearrange ourselves into that nice tall stable stack, we will tip over.

How do you do it when you are busy and things are stressful? It takes a little bit of time and the right tools. Consistency really helps. Often you will be able to address things that come up on your own when you catch them early. Sometimes you need some outside help, regardless of your self-care routine. That’s why I’m here.

I will help you keep your nervous system clear. I will help you develop the skills to dialogue with your inner wisdom. I can help you to trust those messages as you go forward in life.

You can do this. You are capable. You just need some practice.

Schedule with me today to begin your journey back to yourself.

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