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Amber Novak is a trained Craniosacral Therapist working in Burlington VT who provides Craniosacral Therapy and nutritional guidance to her clients across Chittenden County and beyond. You see a doctor for your body and a dentist for your teeth, who are you seeing for your nervous system? Your central nervous system controls your organs, glands, and muscles. When your nervous system is clear, all other body systems function at a higher level as well. Now is the time for you!

7 Wonder Wellness

Maltex Building
431 Pine St #201
Burlington, Vermont 05401


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Parking & Entrance

My office is located in the Maltex Building on Pine St. in Burlington, VT. There is a very large parking lot at the rear of the building. Despite the signs, you do not have to pay for parking when you come for an appointment. Please take note of your license plate and I will validate your parking before your session. 
There are three entrances to the building. Two from the parking lot, one from Pine Street.
My office is on the 2nd floor.
Looking at the building from the parking lot, there is an entrance at each end of the building. Both entrances bring you in on the ground floor. The entrance on the left (north) end of the building has handicapped accessibility and the elevator is nearby. If you enter on the right (south) end, the stairs are straight ahead.
If you enter the building from Pine Street, you enter the building on the first floor. Take the elevator if you like or the stairs are down the hall to the left. It is one flight up to my office.

Cancellation Policy

There will be a charge for no-shows and cancellations with less than 24 hours notice.

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