About Amber Novak – Craniosacral Therapist

Amber Novak - Craniosacral Therapist

I have always been interested in learning how to help a body work in a more cohesive and vibrant way. Practicing as a Craniosacral Therapist in Burlington, VT allows allows me to interact with clients in a wonderful, physical, emotional and energetic way. Engaging with their innate intelligence allows for space for flexibility in my approach. It shows me when to using physical touch, ask questions, apply energetic techniques, or just to be still and witness transformation. These interactions are deeply nourishing for the whole being.

I believe the body is designed to heal itself. When the body has what it needs to heal, it will. The body is always striving to be in a state of balance, wholeness and wellness. Healing is a process. Sometimes we get stuck or caught in a loop and need help to remove what is impeding our healing.

There is no one way to heal and it is not a linear path. Craniosacral Therapy is not one-size-fits-all. Every client is different and every session is different, which is part of what I love about this work.

Through this work, I hope to help people connect to their inner wisdom and become aware of their ability to heal themselves. This deeper connection facilitates healing and confidence. The kind of confidence that comes from knowing and trusting yourself.

I have learned this firsthand as I have worked through my own structural and emotional layers that have contributed to over a decade of jaw pain. While I am still on my journey to complete resolution, I have come to a place of stability. My pain is now mostly at bay, but when it does come back, I embrace it as an opportunity to check in with myself and see where I may have “gotten off track” in my life. This internal signal reminds me to take a deeper look at how I am handling stress and fear in my life.

As a nutritionist, I have learned how to nourish the body and explain to patients where their symptoms are truly coming from. I have learned how to add and subtract components of a diet to give the body what it needs. But there is so much more to nourishing a body than just the food that you eat and supplements you take.

Working as a chiropractic assistant for almost a decade helped me to understand the body from a neurological and structural perspective and taught me how to heal structural damage. However, there can be so much more to healing an injury than just repairing the physical tissues.

Nutrition and chiropractic both have brought to light the emotional components that need to be addressed to have lasting healing. Many times emotions are stuck in the body, blocking wellbeing or keeping an injury from resolving. There can be many layers that need to be explored and removed to get to the root cause of the problem.
You are your own best healer, but we all get stuck and need some help along the way. I would like to help you reconnect to yourself, your inner wisdom, your inner healer. It would be an honor to help you along your path.

Helping others engage in healing, ultimately heals us all.

To develop my practice, I have studied:

Dietetics at the University of Vermont

Reiki level one and two

Matrix Energetics

A Relaxing Environment Awaits You

7 Wonder Wellness
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Danielle BusheyDanielle Bushey
23:25 26 Oct 23
Amber is a wonderful therapist to work with! Very knowledgeable and knows exactly how to help you communicate with your body. If you suffer from physical, emotional, or mental pain PLEASE go and see her!
Joanne NihanJoanne Nihan
23:38 25 Oct 23
7 Wonder Wellness is a craniosacral therapy practice with Amber Novak, the therapist, who uses the intuitive placing of hands to open the pathway of the spine enhancing the flow of cerebral fluid and alleviating pressure on nerves. These sessions have definitely contributed to improvement of some of my health issues. I strongly recommend 7 Wonder Wellness! Joanne Nihan - St. Albans
Mike HechtMike Hecht
13:31 18 Oct 23
I have been receiving Craniosacral Therapy for years and still can not explain it any better than using the words "at ease." I feel so much stress in my day to day life that I seem to hold in different areas of my body. When I am on Amber's table all this stress melts away. It's the perfect "reset."
kelly lathropkelly lathrop
01:23 19 Sep 23
I had a wonderful experience when I had a therapy session with Amber. Her voice and her touch are both so very soothing that you instantly relax and let her work her magic on you. The entire time that I was there I felt more peaceful/stress free than I have in a very long time. The day after my treatment was when I really noticed the huge comforting change in both my body and my mind. I highly recommend a session with Amber if you need some peace and comfort in your soul.
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